About Us

About Us

Lumoona is a lifestyle brand inspired by lasting traditions with the power to awaken greater awareness and purpose each and every day. Our modern, thoughtful essentials are designed to promote happiness, health and prosperity and to help you manifest your dreams.


Our main purpose is to connect people through beautiful, handmade products that highlight peace and kindness. Currently based in New York, Lumoona maintains a universal outlook. Every Lumoona piece is designed to bring great fortune to your place of living and to surround you with protective energy wherever you go.


We all know that stepping into the unknown world of crystals for the first time can be intimidating. That’s why we focus on simplifying the concept of spiritual improvement to make it more accessible and easier to understand for everyone.


By teaching people in simple ways in which crystal energy can help improve their daily lives, our hope is for everyone to feel empowered, inspired and thrilled to create and design the life you’ve always dreamed of living.


We appreciate and thank you all for giving us the opportunity to take you on this incredible journey, and we wish you the best of luck on your road towards fulfillment!